• Plain Croissant

    A classic butter croissant, freshly baked

  • Flavored Croissant

    Freshly baked croissant filled with a berry frangipane (almond cream) and drizzled with a berry white chocolate

  • Seasonal Scone

    Strawberry-black pepper scone, freshly baked

  • Swedish Cardamom Bun (Kardemummabulle)

    Cardamom-enriched dough twisted with layers of sugar and butter into a bun

  • Swedish Cinnamon Bun (Kanelbullar) vegan

    Cinnamon and sugar layered dough twisted into a bun, topped with pearl sugar

  • Bun, Butter, Cheese

    A Copenhagen bakery classic! Breakfast bun, cheese, whipped butter topped with sea salt

  • Norwegian Cheesecake

    Norwegian brown cheese (brunost), coffee graham crust, topped with blueberry sauce in personal-sized cheesecake

  • Scandi Breakfast Box

    A typical Scandinavian table spread: hard boiled egg, sliced ham, cheese, fresh vegetable slices, pickles, butter, jam served with a breakfast bun

    Add kaviar....IYKYK

  • Salmon & Egg Toast

    Cardamom-whiskey smoked salmon between layers of creamed egg yolk, topped with red onion and dill, served on toasted bread

  • Garden Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

    Soft-scrambled eggs, sundried tomato, arugula, spicy mayo on a croissant

  • Cardamom Waffle

    Crispy cardamom waffle served with lingonberry jam, butter and Norwegian brown cheese

  • Deviled Äggs

    Five deviled eggs with your choice of smoked salmon or trout roe topping

  • Trout Roe Dip

    Lemon-y creme fraise, braised leeks, onion, dill oil topped with trout roe and served with bagette slices and crispbread (knäckebröd)

    Substitute bread with cardamom waffle

  • Tinned Fish Board

    Your choice of Danish tinned fish accompanied with house pickled onions and cucumbers, hard boiled egg, fresh radish, olives, butter, specialty salt, baguette slices and crispbread (knäckebröd)

    Add pickled herring

  • Potato Smørrebrød vegan

    A slice of Danish rye bread topped with mini potatoes, garlic mayo, arugula and crunchy onions

  • Curry Chicken Smørrebrød

    A slice of Danish rye bread topped with curry chicken salad, apple slices, butter lettuce and bacon

  • Smoked Trout Sandwich

    Smoke trout salad, red onion, house pickles, lingonberry jam, arugula, on toasted sourdough

  • Toast Skagen

    Swedish shrimp salad (skagenröra), butter lettuce, topped with fish roe and served with a lemon wedge on toasted white bread